Wallet Style Options

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Men and women have very different wallet options. For men, functionality, quality and cost are typically the key factors in choosing the right wallet. Some of the top wallet option choices for men are the Taxi Wallet, the Rogue Wallet, the Razor Wallet, the WalletBe, and the Vans Core Basic Wallet. Brown and black are very popular colors for men’s wallets.

While men tend to have one wallet for all their needs women tend to purchase a new wallet to match every purse. The fashion market definitely understands this responding to consumer demand by making endless options for ladies wallets. Choose ladies wallets from a wide variety of colors, patterns, materials and options making it much harder to pinpoint top wallet style choices. While shopping, you can find ladies wallets with zippers, charms, buttons, jewel decorations, embroidery hand stitched designs and more. You can even find ladies wallets in various shapes like hearts, circular, and rectangular. Some ladies wallets conveniently come equipped with a hand or arm strap.


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How Do I Qualify For A Personal Loan?

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When applying for a personal loan, you need to make sure you are able to provide all of the information below that a financial institution may require from you.


A loan application must be filled out at the financial institution that you are requesting a loan.  An online application, applying by phone or in person are also options that may be available.  The application will request the following pertinent information:  Full name, address history, date of birth and Social Security Number.

Employment Information

Current and previous employment information are collected and occasionally verified by the financial institution.

Income and Assets

Proof of income and assets are generally required when applying for a personal loan.   Collateral, such as home equity, can be used to secure loans.

Credit Check

A credit check is required in order to qualify for a personal loan. The credit report will be reviewed for outstanding debts or late payments.



References are generally required when applying for a personal loan.  They are contacted in the instance that the borrower misses a loan payment and cannot be reached.  

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